Endeavor DNA strives to satisfy more than just your relationship testing needs. That’s why we provide your organization with the necessary resources needed to help your business grow.

As part of our commitment to your business, we offer co-branded reports and are building a secure, personalized portal from which you can receive case status updates in real-time, enroll in case notifications, access downloadable forms, retrieve your customer’s results, and manage your Endeavor Reseller account.

Because Endeavor DNA understands that you serve a growing global customer base, we also offer reports in multiple languages. Please contact us for more information on available report languages.  

We know that sample turnaround time is important to you and your clients. Endeavor DNA guarantees a two-day turnaround on most casework* for those wishing to streamline their collection and testing process. We provide this option at no additional charge. Our up-and-coming Secure Case Portal (SCP) syncs directly with Endeavor DNA’s Laboratory Management System to enable fast sample accessioning for expeditious testing without sacrificing quality or accuracy. Please contact us for more information on our Secure Case Portal and how you will be able to leverage it for your business.


*Two-day turnaround does not apply to infidelity casework or certain non-standard samples including, but not limited to teeth, bone, and FFPE tissues. Please contact us for more details.

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