Answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions can be found below. If you do not find an answer to your question(s) below, please do not hesitate to use our Contact Us form and we will respond within 2 - 4 hours.
Question: What are your payment options?
Answer: We accept all major credit cards, money orders, and Paypal. Wire transfers are also accepted.

Question: How long does it take to get the results?
Answer: This depends on the type of test. Most casework is completed in as little as 2 working days from sample receipt. Other types of casework, such as infidelity cases may require up to 5 working days for completion. Rush testing options are also available in case results are needed earlier than 2 working days.

Question: How will I receive my results?
Answer: Endeavor DNA will email your test results when they are complete. If you'd like to receive your results by mail, you may request that option for an additional fee.       

Question: Can my test results be used in court?
Answer: For results to be court admissible, a chain of sample custody and proof of identity is required. If you are in need of a court admissible test, please contact us.

Question: Are the results confidential?
Answer: Yes. Your results will be held in strictest confidence and made accessible only to you through your reseller account.

Question: What if I want to test more than one child or alleged parent?
Answer: Additional family members can be included in the tests. Additional charges apply.  

Question: Will you accept profiles from 3rd party laboratories for comparison against new samples?
Answer: Yes, so long as the tested STR loci provided by the 3rd party laboratory match the STR loci tested by Endeavor DNA.

Question: Can you test Whatman FTA blood samples on a 2 day turnaround time?
Answer: Yes, 2 day turnaround time is standard form most casework involving both buccal swabs and WhatmanTM FTA® cards.

Question: How accurate is the paternity test?
Answer: Endeavor DNA tests up to 22 STR loci so our paternity tests are extremely accurate. The STR loci tested by Endeavor DNA are designed to meet both CODIS and European testing standards and provide the highest discrimination of any autosomal STR kit.
In general, if the alleged father shares alleles with the tested child at all tested markers, then the probability of paternity will be at least 99.9%. If the alleged father and the child do not share the same genetic markers, he will be excluded as the father with a 100% probability.                                     

Question: Does the mother have to be tested as well?
Answer: Only for cases involving fetal demise. For all other casework, the mother does not have to be included. However, including the mother is ideal and will provide more conclusive results. If the mother is available for testing, then she should be included. In any event, for casework other than fetal demise, testing can still be performed without the mother, and in most cases accurate results are still achievable.

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